Website Checklist – existing website

Here’s a handy checklist to give you some ideas for how you could make your website work harder for you. If the answer to any of the questions is “No” when it should be “Yes”, contact Sort Out Your site to find out how we could help.


  • Is your website up-to-date?
  • How often will changes be needed?
  • Do you find it easy to keep up to date?
  • Do you want to do maintenance yourself?


  • Is the site easy to view for most users? Have you checked?
  • Have you checked on a number of different browsers?
  • Is the site accessible?
  • Have you clear objectives for the site?
  • Are they measurable?
  • Do you know if you are meeting them?


  • Do you need/have an e-commerce facility? – See separate checklist.
  • Does your bandwidth allow for all the traffic you have (or want) to your site?
  • Are your e-mail boxes big enough?
  • Does your web-host back up the servers where your website resides?
  • Do you maintain your own copy of your site?
  • Does your web-host provide a good service in terms of lack of server down-time?


  • Have you submitted your site to any search engines?
  • Have you got a Google account?
  • Have you done any Search Engine Optimisation?
  • If you search for your site do you find it easily?
  • Do you own domain names similar to your own – possible mis-spellings, redirected to your main site?


  • Are you using e-mail lists?
  • Are you using autoresponders?
  • Have you run surveys?
  • Are you referring to your website in other media?
  • Do you use web and other means to build your e-mail lists?

“Caroline has a natural talent to build relationships with people from different areas, she is not afraid of asking for help or giving advice herself. She is a “bridge builder” that can liaise with scientists, techno-freaks etc and has the ability to translate whatever language so it becomes understandable for “computer illiterates”. This latter ability is an asset rarely seen in a high-tech industry.”

Senior manager, global pharmaceutical company