Virtual Webmaster Service

Do you want to make money out of your website?

Are you prepared to work on creating great content for your site?
Do you need someone to look after the technical side of things while you concentrate on new products?
The internet is a wonderful way to let people know about your products and grow your business.

But too often people work with a design company to create a beautiful looking website and then wonder why it’s not actually making them any money.

Would you be happy with that? I wouldn’t. That’s why Sort Out Your Site provides a virtual webmaster service to help you run a website that performs, a website that’s fresh and interesting to your visitors, a website that makes buying from you practically irresistable!

You see, just creating a stylish site and putting it on the internet isn’t enough to attract people, credit cards at the ready. A really successful site needs to be managed.

If your website is a shop window for your site, then search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) are like sat-nav for customers, if you’ve given the right directions they should come right to your door. Well your site anyway. But you know how annoying it is when that disembodied voice assures you that you’re on the wrong street because the industrial unit you’re looking for wasn’t built last time the software was updated? That’s how annoying it is for your customer when he or she follows a link to your site from a list of search results, then can’t find the information they thought they’d asked for.

The ideal situation is where you regularly check what keywords your potential customers are putting into the search engines, and refine your site so that you have increasingly specific pages to reflect specific, focused areas of your business. This then makes visitors to your site think “Yes! Just what I need” and they’ll read on, already warming up to your message. Happy searchers are what Google and the rest are trying to achieve, so they reward you with a better ranking for your site which helps to bring down any Google advertising costs as well. Everyone’s happy!

If you are monitoring how effective your website it, you will want to act on the results and try different content to see if you can improve your return on investment, especially for advertising costs. You can read here about Analysing Web Traffic and ask yourself if you might be missing out on some important information.

Of course, another reason you might need to regularly keep updating your site is in order to introduce new products. Now if you’re an independent consultancy, you might at this point be saying “Fine, but I don’t have any ‘products’ to sell, I provide a ‘service’ pure and simple”. This is a traditionalist viewpoint which ignores the many ways in which it is now possible, thanks to the internet, to easily sell information in many different formats.

If you are a consultant, it’s because you have a level of skill and knowledge which people are prepared to pay for. That doesn’t just have to mean you turning up at their offices. It could be via workbooks, downloadable pdf booklets, audio products, the list goes on. Internet tools allow you to make your expertise available without the pain of finding a conventional book publisher or even a printer.

Because all businesses are different, I offer different levels of monthly support plan to suit your needs. Contact me, Caroline Hogarth, to discuss how we could work together to Sort Out Your Site.