Or are you an owner of a small business wanting to upgrade your website to make it a better marketing tool?

Perhaps you want a website but don’t know how to get started?

Maybe you’re faced with managing a major overhaul of your intranet with no idea how to get all interested parties to work together?

Web technology is now well-recognised as an everyday tool for all kinds of business. However, too often there is a disconnect between the people who want to use web tools for real business purposes, and people who want to impose the latest flashy stuff just because it’s fun to work with.

Sort Out Your Site is here to take the mystique away, and help you to develop a web platform that you will be able to operate confidently yourself. You will be helped to identify the tools that will best serve your business needs, and guided through the process of setting them up.

Of course most (if not all) web content needs managing and updating once it has gone live. Caroline Hogarth will discuss the options for you, whether you want to set up an internal process for “housekeeping”, outsource completely, or work in partnership with Sort Out Your Site to maintain the currency of your information. Click to read more about our Virtual Webmaster Services.

And how do you know your website is doing what you need it to do? After all, it is an investment and you need to know if you are getting a good enough return. Speak to us about the various ways you can test its effectiveness, from internal user surveys to Google click-through rates. Read about Analysing Web Traffic and ask yourself if you might be missing out on some important information.

Click here for a checklist of questions to ask yourself about your existing website.

Click here for a checklist of questions to ask yourself about a new website.

Sort Out Your Site can provide a wide range of services to fit your needs and budget, whether you just want DIY hosting with a friendly expert on the phone if you’re stuck, want a bespoke website built in partnership with you, or have an existing but underperforming website that needs shaking up.

I worked with Caroline in 2005-6 on a project to decommission 90 intranet websites for a function in [..a major pharmaceutical company…], migrating their content to a new portal platform. Caroline’s contribution to the project was to facilitate and make the techie people and the business reps understand each other. Caroline has an enormous capacity to understand both sides and to draw the right conclusions from the sometimes confusing misunderstandings between the parties. She always picks out the essence of a discussion. Her particular strengths are her abilities to understand the business needs and to translate them into something that can be “Webified” and developed by the technical guys. Without Caroline we would never have been able to make the scientists understand the possibilities they were standing in front of. Or how to realize them. Caroline is also very up to date on the latest trends in the Web world. And she knows how to use it to create business values.

The project met its objectives in the required timeframe, and the senior management team which had commissioned the work was very satisfied with the outcome.

Anette Enström,

Senior Project Manager, Capgemini

If you are starting from scratch, Caroline Hogarth will discuss with you what your needs are from a website. She will then create a proposal for you with recommendations for the pages you need to form the basic website at launch. She will also propose different levels of support package. The type and level of support you need depends on factors such as how much (if any) site editing you want to do yourself, whether you need assistance in planning and developing products for marketing through the website, and how much active internet marketing you require. Sort Out Your Site provides different levels of support ranging from basic hosting with “support credits” which count against troubleshooting or simple site editing activities, through to implementation of full-blown internet marketing campaigns using all the web tools at our disposal.

Contact Caroline Hogarth for more details.

Here are some more ideas to consider:

A Membership/Community Site

An E-commerce Site

A built-in blog to allow interaction with your customers

A site that allows you to earn money from Google advertising or recommending books on Amazon that would be of interest to your target audience. There are examples built in to

Adding video to your site to demonstrate some of your products in use.

If you’d like to read more about some of the internet tools that could help make your business flourish, here’s a page about recommended tools.

If any of these applications might be a useful addition to your website, Contact Us for more information.

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