Have you given your website a spring clean?

I often find that a drawback to the first bit of decent summer sunshine is that the extra light shows up a cobweb or two in those dark corners. Time to get out the long-handled brush and whisk them away, quickly!

This is a handy reminder to shine a bit of light in the darker corners of your website too. What is lurking there that you might have neglected to clean up?

  • Out of date special offers
  • Landing pages you no longer use
  • Bios of people who have left the company
  • Products you’ve scrapped
  • Dead links to external pages that no longer exist.

Going over your website and clearing up the “cobwebs” is a good opportunity to think about whether there is new information that should replace the old.

Search engines like fresh copy, and so do your regular visitors. Tidy up your site and you’re likely to attract more traffic and more business.