Autumn – a great time to clear out the dead wood

We were lucky to have a fantastic summer this year, even if it arrived a little late.

As Autumn finally¬† hits and those lovely bright leaves swirl off the trees revealing the bare framework of the trees, it’s a good reminder that other things might want a good clearout.

Yes, I’m talking about your website!

And mine, if I’m honest. As your daily business carries on, it’s easy to forget about some of those housekeeping tasks in the day-to-day bustle.

Use this prompt to step back and review your website for anything which might be outdated, and think about planning some shiny new content to engage your visitors.

Here are a few things to check;

  • Are there old links to related sites which no longer work?
  • Have you still got pictures and details of people who have left the company?
  • Is your content management system clogged with old special offer pages that you no longer need?
  • Are your contact details still correct? Particularly if you use a mobile telephone number you might have changed.
  • Are any special offers visible to the public still valid?
  • Is your copyright statement up to date?
  • Have you received any awards or accreditations which should be updated to more recent versions?
  • Are any products you are advertising still available?